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There is random hyperlink at the top of the wiki.

There are two tumblr photos on the wiki. The photo on the right is the in the right format, but the image caption is "More Tumblr"? Why? I would label it "Tumblr's Logo". (ES addition: it's because you copied/pasted from my code, right? Just be sure to adjust the text accordingly.)

If any of the of the words on the wiki are direct quotes, then they need to be referenced or properly cited.

If you are going to give a definition to things like GIF, Hyperlinks etc, then pictures of examples might need to be given. Or, you can add a hyperlink to another wikipedia page for further information. I would focus on how Tumblr users use the GIFS, hyerlinks and other items on Tumblr.

La'Jera and Melissa

We believe that although the topics (Posts and types) are relevant, they should communicate more how the users use these things, more-so than what they actually are. Talk more about how these topics influence the user and how they use the types. We like that the mission statement was included, maybe a little more info about how it was created. Another idea, there's a lot of restrictions on what to post on tumblr, although its not really always enforced, but adding the the restrictions would be helpful. There is a random hyperlink at the top that leads to a picture of the tumblr logo.

From the farmersonly.com women

-Talk a bit more about what the mission means for the user and the community within tumblr
- there are three forms of the tumblr logo, I think if you did want to use a hyperlink at the top of the page, maybe it should be the official website
- Maybe talk about how you have to be a member of the tumblr community to see the work within the site?
-mention that is a free membership as well because some are not free at all
- You could change the section title "platforms/systems" to “Targeted” or “Compatible” Platforms.
-Are there limitations within the platforms? Mobile vs Tablet vs Computer. Are some features not avalible or difficult to use? Which platform does it work best on?
-Since this is a Wiki, we suggest mentioning what GIFs are and what it stands for

Overall, great start to the page and we are very excited to see how everything turns out!

Comments by Sara

Good TOC, add more images, find clearer images, and add more information, links, and footnotes from research. Explain how users find and share information, how they can connect with other users (if they can) and how the websites function as a social media platform (showing trends).

Andrew and Zach

The two logos in the beginning section are a little redundant, and the hyperlink above just sends you to the image so if you’re trying to cite your source for the picture, include that at the bottom in a References or Works Cited section.

Describing terms like GIFS and Hyperlinks seems out of place because it is not only Tumblr that utilizes these things. Spend time working on aspects of the interface and how the app works instead of arbitrary definitions.

Numbering your table of contents section adds better organization to the overall page.

ES comments

I agree with what others have said.

  • In particular, focus on user behavior/interactions as well as on the functionality.
  • Give a brief intro/history of Tumblr before the toc
  • Expand on what you have so far; add more detail
  • Finally, remember to add a section on implications that addresses how the interface influences user behavior. Analyze how the interface encourages certain kinds of communities or interactions (how does it enforce rules, etc?; how does it control what users do and why?).

ES final grade feedback

The wiki opens with confusing sentence that impedes understanding. The image of the founder seems unnecessary; you do not refer to it or make its importance clear.
Say more about the mission statement. Talk about what is means for user interaction or how it's enforced. What values does it promote?

Part of what makes this wiki page a bit confusing is the order in which you discuss the various elements of the interface. The organization seems reversed from what would be most useful: start by explaining the dashboard, then move into specific ways of interacting with the interface (posts, followers/people to follow, messages). This analysis could be strengthened by the a more in-depth overview of the home interface (or, dashboard), along with an image.

The implications section is quite short. Say more about how users are impacted by all of the various interface elements you have identified above. For instance, you mention the notes and likes. Does this functionality encourage certain kinds of content (ie: do users feel an obligation to post quality content to get more notes/like?). Draw conclusions about how users behave on the site based on what they can (and can't) do.

The greatest strength of this wiki is the analysis of the dashboard. You effectively uncovered the core functionality of this important feature of the interface.

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