Snapchat Talk

comments from morgan and jeni


  • When you are explaining the functionality of snapchat the explanation needs to be more clear and concise. Try separating some parts of it by main topic like Wikipedia does
  • For example- have a section dedicated to the apps history, types of posts, different features in the app, to help the reader navigate easily through your text

Design and Optimization-

  • as mentioned earlier, easy navigation is key when readers are visting your site
  • avoid creating mass amounts of text to remain concise in your explanations

Andrew and Zach

The opening line to the wiki implies that Melissa and Le’Jera created Snapchat which isn’t true, so we recommend taking that part of the sentence out.

Add the Snapchat logo to the top of the wiki and it looks best when aligned to the right.

The Fun Fact section at the top would be better placed in a section based on history. It just seems out of place in that section.

Table of Contents looks good but would look better organized with numbers next to each heading.

The Layout and Design section contains information related to history, culture, advertising, and each of those topics should be in their own section. Focus exclusively on Layout and Design in this section.


No picture yet.

You have written in 2nd and 3rd person. Please proofread and change to 3rd.

"What keeping this interfaced on the up and rise?" I would rewrite this so its a statement and not a question. We are informing an audience on a topic and if they have this question, we don't need it repeated on the wiki.

Depending on the information that winds up being put into the other sections, I would consider rearranging some of the sections. At this point in time, Layout and Design has a huge description and history of snapchat, that I would want to read before User Interaction and User Connection.

From the women

- There is a dangling modifiers in the first sentence "Created by Melissa and Le'Jera, snapchat is a well known" make sure you say that you created the wiki page and not snapchat
- "This multimedia mobile application has been on an incline since 2011, when it was created." Maybe instead of saying on the incline, say growing or increasing popularity.
- Maybe after stating seperately who the wiki belongs to, tell them straight away who created it, and when. You could rewrite the first sentence to say something like "Created by ( snapchat creators) in 2011, this is a fairly new social media platform that allows…".
- Make sure to mention that is free
- maybe mention that you have to be a member to participate within the application
-computer vs tablet vs mobile usage. Is it possible and how does it differ?

-we like how you brought up the privacy setting and terms

ES comments

I agree with the feedback others have given you.

  • The first sentence makes it sound like you two invented Snapchat. You don't need your names in your wiki; I know who has created what page.
  • Shift your tone to sound more like a wiki. Less conversational, more straightforward. Browse a few random entries on Wikipedia to get a sense for what your tone should be. Use third-person instead of second (ie: "users" instead of "you").
  • Add images/screenshots for your evidence.
  • I think you mean "affordances" instead of "affordability," right? Affordances and constraints are technical design features we talked about in class.
  • Finally, remember to add a section on implications that addresses how the interface influences user behavior. Analyze how the interface encourages certain kinds of communities or interactions (how does it enforce rules, etc?; how does it control what users do and why?).

+ES final grade feedback

Overall, this is a well-written wiki page. However, the image placement is awkward: the images would have been more effective either alongside the text (in a right-hand column) or in a line underneath the section. As it is, it breaks up the top of the section and makes it difficult to read. One of the image caption is also a snippet of code.

As far as the content goes, the beginning is a bit difficult to follow. Rather than list every function the app can do, I suggested focusing on just the key functionality. Another option I mentioned was to group similar actions together (ie: talk all at once about how users can find an follow friends, or about how they can take and share snaps). Also, there are no hyperlinks or references to outside sources. Along with the screenshots, these are how you build your credibility in a wiki.

There are also some errors in the text. For instance, H and I bail out before finishing the sentences, and there are a few minor typos throughout.

Your greatest strength is the solid analysis you provide in the last few sections. Here, you bring together all of the elements of Snapchat and clearly state some implications of the interface's functionality and the kind of community/culture it encourages (and the issues surrounding it).

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