Reddit Talk

Comments from Melissa & La'Jera

Good start…the integration of the screenshot to show the main page is good. I like that you have a direct link to Reddit when you click on the word Reddit. I'm not sure is /r/news is the same as Reddit as a whole or if it's simply referring to one page on Reddit. If anything, I would try to make the screenshot a bit smaller, as to not take up so much space.

Comments from Cherish

Good start. For a site like reddit, I would enjoy the photo. However, you should have a photo of the logo like the other wiki's as your first picture.

I was just told that we can't hyperlink to outside of wikipedia. If you want to hyperlink outside of wiki you have to do the whole "footnote and additional resources/references" at the bottom of the wiki with a hyperlink.

From the women

-We are going to be frank and we were a little confused if that was the official page or not. We like how you are using the photo of the site as the first picture because it does give everyone the view of the front page, but being non users, we were a bit confused from the title.

- Needs sections.

- Define things like the “gilded” section.

- What kind of things can you submit under “something else”. Anything? What is the norm?

-I suggest going into the details of what types of things that you can post about or commenting options and what not. Dive down deep and pull out things that non users would find amusing or educational.

-Maybe more about the subreddits, tag system, and other functions and features of the site

Comments from Morgan and Jeni

  • add a history of the page to raise awareness
  • mention that you have to have an account to make comments, but anyone is open to read content on Reddit
  • Definitely elaborate the Title of your page, why does it say /r/news and not Reddit… you are doing an interface analysis on Reddit not just one aspect of it

*good start

Jonathan and Oscar

Could use some work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Comments by Sara

More information please.
TOC, headings, subheadings, clearer images, etc.

ES comments

I agree with the suggestions others have made.
In addition, remember to add a section on implications that addresses how the interface influences user behavior. Analyze how the interface encourages certain kinds of communities or interactions (how does it enforce rules, etc?; how does it control what users do and why?).

+ES final grade feedback
This wiki page is considerably improved since the last time I saw it. However, it is still quite short and does not quite meet all of the evaluation criteria. The biggest weakness is a lack of a clear implications section that ties the analysis together by explaining how the r/news interface encourages a certain community or culture among its users (which was one of the major requirements of the project). It is also lacking key sections dealing with privacy policies, security issues, terms of use, rules, or any other guidelines for using the interface. The biggest strength of this wiki is the in-depth look at how the r/news (and by extension nearly every other subreddit) interface functions.

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