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Comments: Adam & Anam

  • Intro

First paragraph is oddly "promotional" — doesn't seem to fit the wiki rhetorical style. Generally seems as if it could be cleaned up and shortened far more than it currently is — take as an example. Descriptive sentences, but not too much information; doesn't go into too much detail.

  • Main Interface

"…to show to photos it thinks they want to see." How? Why?
Good detail on how the main interface is set up, but could be a bit clearer in organization.
Lots of usage of "you" in this section; again, wiki style is impersonal.

  • User's Profile - Mobile Friendly.

Repeated reference to what the buttons look like — why not just use a screenshot?

  • Terms of Use

Instead of linking directly to the ToU, put a brief summary here. Nothing too in-depth, just a quick overview.

  • Basic Terms

Is this just copy-pasted directly from the ToU page? Maybe alter this a bit so it isn't straight plagiarism.

Comments by Sara

Create a table of contents for your page as well as a History title for the information at the top. Include screenshots and explanations of its features. Add extra research and include links to outside sources as well as footnotes. Language is good!
How do users communicate (if they can)? How are images shared? What other apps can they connect to? What information does it share with the other apps?

Andrew and Zach

Include table of contents

“Instagram orders user's feeds to show to photos it thinks they want to see.” How does “it think?” You mention an algorithm in the next sentence, but it’s not absolutely clear that the two statements are related.

Your interface description is solid, but it’s really gonna need some screenshots to be comprehensible. We need a visual aid.

Consider also breaking up your paragraphs. They’re very large and dense, and smaller paragraphs would help you organize your information to be easier on the reader.

“A complete version of Instagram's Terms of Use can be viewed here” isn’t really good hyperlink design. I’d recommend creating an “External Links” section and putting the link there. The text of the hyperlink should just be “Instagram’s Terms of Use”

Comments Cherish

There is no picture of instagram on the wiki page.

The "terms and conditions" should list the most important/most concerning terms and conditions that come with using intagram.

I learned about instagram boyfriends, try mentioning that as a new trend.

ES comments

I agree with everything others have already pointed out.

  • TOC is essential
  • Screenshots/visual aids are necessary
  • Shift your wording to "users" instead of "you." Wikis are in third-person.
  • Finally, remember to add a section on implications that addresses how the interface influences user behavior. Analyze how the interface encourages certain kinds of communities or interactions (how does it enforce rules, etc?; how does it control what users do and why?).

ES final grade feedback

Overall, this is a good interface analysis wiki page. You fully describe Instagram's user interface and make implications about it's usability. Images and references/hyperlinks are appropriate to the wiki genre. However, more analysis of the kind of community/ies and interactions Instagram encourages (and how) would strengthen this wiki. Go beyond usability and make an argument about the culture Instagram promotes.

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