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From women

Here is a little constructive criticism and compliments for your beautiful page.

-The picture is slightly misplaced within the line
-Under advertising, it is unclear what "UI" is. maybe write is out and then "(UI)" next to it for clarity to those who might not understand what it is right away
-You could possibly link the Grindr safety Wiki in the Safe Sex section
-You should list the different tribes within the Grindr community
-You should talk the about section within their website because they offer careers and give reasons why you should join their community
-We think you should go into the "blog" aspect of the Grindr community page because its pretty cool
-Go into depth on privacy and community guidelines

-LOVE your clean and trim table of contents
- You give information relevant to going through the site and how to decipher different areas which is awesome
-I know that we are all in the beginning stages of writing, so there isn't much to correct in regards to syntax and grammar


Is there a reason the table of contents are numbered? I get the need to number the sections under "Filters" because there are different sections all related to filters. But, I don't see a need for the other sections.

I skipped the introduction to Grindr on accident because of the format of the page.

I like the quote at the beginning, but maybe make it italicized.

Comments by Sara

Organization and use of image to the right of the TOC is great. Organization of items in TOC works, but consider changing the appearance of headings for 2.1-2.3. Include more information in those items as well. Add images of what a profile looks like (appropriate screenshots), footnotes and links to other sources.

Oscar and Jonathan

Great introduction
Move the image up slightly maybe?

Format your headings maybe without the numbers, you have great options for details and we actually want to know about the 13 tribes of homosexual men. Is this like the 12 tribes of Israel or are the explictly hostile and fight one another for land, resources and access to women?

Explain "tiles" in the interface? Add images, if possible.
The structure of your page is pretty good, it just needs to be fleshed out.

Lauren and Kevin

Well organized, though I don't think you need the numbers on the headings.

ES comments

I agree with most of the others' comments.

  • There seems to be some confusion about whether or not we should be numbering the toc, so we'll address that democratically in class next week.
  • Consider making the logo smaller in move it up so it's next to your intro text. Add some more information about the history of the app (who created it, when, etc).
  • Cite sources in a references section. We'll discuss how to do this in class next week.
  • Hyperlink to relevant external sources. For instance, I don't mention UI in the wiki intro, so you might hyperlink to the Wikipedia entry.
  • Add some screenshots, but be careful to obscure any sensitive information (usernames, profile photos that aren't your own, etc).
  • Finally, remember to add a section on implications that addresses how the interface influences user behavior. Analyze how the interface encourages certain kinds of communities or interactions (how does it enforce rules, etc?; how does it control what users do and why?).

ES final grade feedback

This is a solid interface analysis that meets all evaluation criteria. Nice work!

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