Farmers Only Talk

Should we cite where the bio information is?

Do we have all this?

Features – what it does (functionality)
Ways to connect (or not) – ways to communicate
Constraints – things you can’t do
Ways content is displayed
Organization and position
Mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet
Implications for user behavior

Feedback - Oscar/Jonathan

Intro - "and etc.", remove and, etc. already includes and
clarify second sentence, and explain or otherwise give some sort of clarifying definition: what is a "city-folk"?
A strong introduction would benefit your page.

Site Bio - Could use a little bit of clean up, grammatically. Otherwise fairly clear and straight forward, although the logo image appears slightly offset. When was the website created?

General Analysis of Site Goals and Performance
- Could use some expansion
- "It is clear from the intrusive advertising that an unstated goal is to make a profit." show the reader

Marketing/Advertising - there are ads that have appeared on TV, if you can embed a video that would probably help fill out your page

"There is a larger emphasis on spending money than finding partners online; ads promoting the store and upgrade options are shown everywhere, and the user cannot interact much without upgrading."

Okay again, this is interesting but you should show your audience, probably vis-a-vis pictures, where and how certain features are hidden behind a paywall. Flesh it out more.

Interface Analysis -

Most filled out part of your project, but could use some consistent formatting - It was really hard to read through, you could turn a lot of that into bullet points. And images. Images are good.

"Unnatural" placement - is that a weasel word? (from ES: "unnatural"=not the best word. Something like "awkward" instead)

Image could probably be moved to the part where you talk about how this is basically a money making scheme preying on lovelorn ruralites.

Does Farmers Only have any sort of analytics or statistics on dating/marriage success?
Also, your table of contents seems rather… large. Does each heading need a link?

From Lauren and Kevin

Farmers Only is a dating website. You need to include this rather than "members of a rural community can communicate". Under the advertisement, there should be a picture or graph to provide a visual representation. Under "Button Usage" you should include pictures of the different buttons to correspond with the text. This is a really good start.

Morgan and Jeni

Label the 'Mission Statement' at the top of the wiki so people don't skip over it.

Also, if it's a dating website, you might want to mention that from the get-go.

Use clear language so the audience can understand a topic they are not aware of.

General Analysis portion is redundant, you already repeat certain information.

Button Usage section is confusing. Maybe rename section's title to something like 'Site Navigation' or 'Navigation'.

The tone of this wiki sounds like it's against the website. It needs to be strictly informational and not opinion based. Don't make it sound like you're judging the website too harshly.

Comments by Sara

Great TOC, but capitalize titles, add more research information, links, and footnotes. Separate information under Button Usage to make it more readable. Make use of more images and screenshots. Focus on tone and style.

ES comments

I agree with the suggestions from the others.

  • In addition, consider integrating the history and image into the intro section; it'll be aesthetically pleasing to see a larger chunk of text before the TOC.
  • Shift from second-person to third-person (ie: from "you" to "user")
  • Add a few more screenshots to highlight key visual aspects (ie: the buttons, or menus to highlight redundancies, awkward placements, etc)
  • Add some more analysis to some of the shorter sections. IE: when you talk about the explicit and implicit goals of the site, talk more about how you identified those goals. This is especially important for the "implicit" goals since you're making a bold statement about what the site is really trying to do.
  • Finally, remember to add a section on implications that addresses how the interface influences user behavior. Analyze how the interface encourages certain kinds of communities or interactions (how does it enforce rules, etc?; how does it control what users do and why?).

+ES final grade feedback
This is a solid interface analysis that meets all evaluation criteria. There are a few minor mechanical/grammatical errors, but overall the analysis is sharp and the writing is clear.

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