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Anam & Adam

  • Intro

Sentences before ToC are not in Wiki rhetorical style. Work on cleaning up.
Pretty good adherence after the ToC, though there are some grammatical quibbles here and there. Focus on cleaning up.

Bullet points not exactly a good fit here. Why not just discuss them normally? You should be able to get a decent amount of detail.
No actual definition for "lurker." Consider putting earlier in section.

Again, bulleted list doesn't exactly fit in here. Props for trying to explain what's on the site, but that might be better located back in Features.

*Navigation & Settings
Excellent! Possibly a little more analysis for each section and a once-over for sentence fragments, but a great start.

*Mobile Access
Again, keep that impartial tone. Good analysis otherwise.

From Lauren and Kevin

There needs to be a picture or logo of the website in top right corner. (I'm sure you know this though)

You need to talk about user interaction and how the interface dictates their use.

You need to explain more about the anonymity of the users and how that is a unique aspect of 4chan.

Otherwise, this is a really good start.

Melissa & La'Jera

We like the overall composition of you wiki, we would like to see more sub-categories to your titles, that expand on different topics. This would help with the organization of your site. We like the history that was given, and how it was presented. A brief description of the boards would be helpful.

ES comments

I agree with the suggestions above.

  • Bullet-point lists aren't really appropriate for the wiki genre
  • Add images/screenshots. These are your evidence.
  • Add hyperlinks/references
  • Remember to add a section on implications that addresses how the interface influences user behavior. Analyze how the interface encourages certain kinds of communities or interactions (how does it enforce rules, etc?; how does it control what users do and why?).

ES final grade rationale

This is a solid wiki page that meets all evaluation criteria. There are a few minor typos, one of which impedes understanding.

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