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Proposal for Interface Analysis

We will identify the explicit (helping farmers find a date) and implicit purpose (making money), goals and priorities of the site, how its priorities and goals are reflected in the design of the site. We will look at numerous features in detail, how well they perform their function, as well as whether the design of each aspect either enhances or impedes the general purpose of the site, with the ultimate purpose of learning how the design might influence how users interact and form a community, if any.
Aspects to highlight: Farm-Phone, Discover, Who Likes me, Mobile app?

Preliminary interface analysis:

Main page
Top bar: Logout; upgrade now; member search; # of members online Functions:
Main body of page: My mailbox; Search; My favorites; Profile Visitors Functions:
Profile settings box: View profile; Edit your Profile; Edit your location; Post Photos; Show/Hide Profile Functions:
Account settings box: Change private settings; Upgrade and subscribe now; Manage your subscription; Manage blocklist Functions:

Sidebar: (some buttons are redundant): Status;
The Farmers Online Store There is a larger emphasis on spending money than finding partners online; the store, upgrade shown everywhere, can't interact much without upgrading. Almost everything is about buying a subscription or their apparel;
Home; who’s online; Profile visitors;
Discover there is a like or dislike button on each of the discoverable photos, but when you go back to see who you liked, you need to upgrade to premium;
Who likes me;
Farmphone You can't message for free, but you can make them a favorite and free flirt (but you cannot see the favorites unless you upgrade);
member search;
My e-mail (and number of) you need to upgrade to a premium account to see messages/ email, who you like, who looked at your profile, who liked you, your favorite people;
My favorites requires upgrade to view; My profile; account settings; frequently asked questions; Contact support Functions: Farm-Phone is a subscribers texting service.

Bottom of page:Bottom: (some are redundant) Success stories| Media & Press| Advertise| Link to us| Frequently Asked Questions| Farmers Only Online Store

-Hidden aspects:
— Privacy: Found at the bottom of page.
— Terms of service:
— FAQ, extremely long
— Contact support option, you choose the action most closely related, then you fill in your information like an actual contact page.

Notes on main page: Highly redundant. Numerous buttons have more than one location, apparently just to fill the page.

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